Our Programs

We offer creche, playgroup, and nursery classes for kids between ages 2 months and 6 years. In addition, we offer excellent educational services for Primaries 1-6 classes. We also have After School Montessori Club.


The Nest (crèche class) consists of our tender 2 to 18-month olds who are just coming out of the 'home nest'. We offer full crèche services all year round (except on weekends, public holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays) to this age group for the convenience of all our parents.


Our Toddlers' World (playgroup) consists of the 18 months to 3 years age group. These are vibrant children who are ready to explore and learn more about their environment through their five senses. We help them do this by adopting the Montessori Infant-toddler curriculum, which has been proven to be the best for this age group.


The Children's House consists of our 3 to 6-year-olds who are ready to take on the world. We help them to develop their dependence, self-esteem, life skills and academic competency through our robust Montessori curriculum for the early years as we prepare to release them to excel in various elementary schools.


Our elementary school facilities are state-of-the-art and tailored towards the total development of your child. We offer first class primary curriculum based on the British curriculum with Montessori method enhancements.

After School Club

Our After-school club caters for children from within and outside Abba's Heart Montessori School. We provide a conducive environment for them to relax, do their homework and engage in sports and extracurricular activities.